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Dr. Héctor A. Ruiz

Dr. Héctor Arturo Ruiz Leza


Phone: (+52) 844 416 12 38

Biorefinery and Engineering lab

Dr. Héctor A. Ruiz is a Professor in the  School of Chemistry at the Autonomous University of Coahuila since 2013 and Leader of Biorefinery Group.



 Research Stay in the Department of Chemistry, Center for Advanced Scientific Computing and Modeling at the University of North Texas, USA, 2003 (Cundari Research Group).

 Chemical Engineering, Autonomous University of Coahuila. Mexico, 2004.

 Lead Operations Engineer, Magnelec Industries. Subsidiary of Peñoles Group, 2007.

 Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Minho, Portugal, 2011 (Centre of Biological Engineering).

 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Minho and University of Vigo, Portugal/Spain, 2012 (Group EQ-2).

 Member of Editorial Board of Electronic Journal of Energy and Environment, 2013 (Editorial Advisory Board).

 Member of the National System of Researchers (SNI- Conacyt), level I, 2013.

 Visiting Professor at the Federal University of Sergipe and RENORBIO, Brazil, 2013.

 Research Stay in the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav), Guadalajara- Unit, Mexico, 2014.

 Visiting Professor at the Centro de Biotecnologia Agrícola e Agro-Alimentar do Alentejo (CEBAL), Portugal, 2014.

 Research Stay in the Centre of Biological Engineering at the University of Minho, Portugal, 2014.

 Research Stay at the Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory (CTBE), Brazil, 2014.

 Visiting Professor at the University of Florida, Stan Mayfield Biorefinery, USA, 2014.

 Member of Editorial Board of Industrial Crops and Products (Elsevier Editorial), 2014 (Editorial Advisory Board).

 Editor of Bioethanol Journal (Degruyter Editorial), 2014 (Bioethanol Journal).

 Research Stay in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia, Canada, 2015.

 Associate Editor of Editorial Board of BioEnergy Research (Springer Editorial), 2015 (BioEnergy Research).


Teaching in the School of Chemistry

 Undergraduate Courses: Food Biotechnology, Industrial Instrumentation, Digital Process Control, Process Dynamics and Control, Reactors I

 Postgraduate Courses: Food Engineering, Biotechnology of Fermentations, Experimental Design


Fields of interest

 Bioethanol production from lignocellulosic materials and macroalgae using the biorefinery concept.

Hydrothermal processing/pretreatment (autohydrolysis).

Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF).

 Process intensification & Integrated Biorefineries

Modeling of enzymatic hydrolysis.

Bioreactor design


Recent publications

 2015. Carlos González-Figueredo, Arturo Sánchez, German Díaz, Felicia Rodríguez, Roberto Flores, Marco A. Ceballos, Ramón Puente, Héctor A. Ruiz. Dynamic modelling and experimental validation of a pilot-scale tubular continuous reactor for the autohydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. 37, 431–436.

 2015. Héctor A. Ruiz, Rosa M. Rodríguez-Jasso, Mario Aguedo, Zsófia Kádár. Hydrothermal pretreatments of macroalgal biomass for biorefineries. Chapter Book in Algal Biorefineries vol. 2. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland. 467-491.

• 2015. Héctor A. Ruiz, Juan C. Parajó, José A. Teixeira. Biorefinery strategies for macroalgae-based in bioethanol production. Chapter Book in Energy Science and Technology vol 12. Studium Press LLC, USA . 349-361.

 2015. Fabiano Avelino Gonçalves, Héctor A. Ruiz, Everaldo Silvino dos Santos, José A. Teixeira, Gorete Ribeiro de Macedo. Bioethanol production from coconuts and cactus pretreated by autohydrolysis. Industrial Crops and Products. 77, 1-12.

 2015. Mario Aguedo, Héctor A. Ruiz, Aurore Richel. Non-alkaline solubilization of arabinoxylans from destarched wheatbran using hydrothermal microwave processing and comparison with the hydrolysis by an endoxylanas. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification. 96, 72-82.

 2015. Michele Michelin, Héctor A. Ruiz, Daniel P. Silva, Denise S. Ruzene, José A. Teixeira and Maria Lourdes T. M. de Polizelia. Cellulose from Lignocellulosic Waste. Chapter Book in Polysaccharides, Bioactivity and Biotechnology. Springer International Publishing Switzerland. pp 475-511.

 2015. Maria J. Costa, Miguel A. Cerqueira, Héctor A. Ruiz, Christian Fougnies, Aurore Richel, António A. Vicente, José A. Teixeira, Mario Aguedo. Use of wheat bran arabinoxylans in chitosan-based films: Effect on physicochemical properties. Industrial Crops and Products. 66, 305-311.

 2014. Francisco B. Pereira, Aloia Romaní, Héctor A. Ruiz, José A. Teixeira, Lucília Domingues. Industrial robust yeast isolates with great potential for fermentation of lignocellulosic biomassBioresource Technology. 161, 192-199.

 2014. Fabiano Avelino Gonçalves, Héctor A. Ruiz, Cleitiane da Costa Nogueira, Everaldo Silvino dos Santos, José A. Teixeira, Gorete Ribeiro de Macedo. Comparison of delignified coconuts waste and cactus for fuel-ethanol production by the simultaneous and semi-simultaneous saccharification and fermentation strategies. Fuel. 131, 66-7.

2014. Aloia Romaní, Héctor A. Ruiz, Francisco B. Pereira, Lucília Domingues, Jose A. Teixeira. Integrated approach for effective bioethanol production using whole slurry from autohydrolyzed Eucalyptus globulus wood at high-solid loadings. Fuel. 135, 482-491.

 2014. Héctor A. Ruiz. Biorefineries and the impact on renewable energy. Editorial. Electronic Journal of Energy and Environment. Doi: 10.7770/EJEE-V2N1-ART735.

 2014. Aloia Romaní, Héctor A. Ruiz, Francisco B. Pereira, Lucília Domingues, Jose A. Teixeira. Effect of hemicellulose liquid phase on the enzymatic hydrolysis of autohydrolyzed Eucalyptus globulus woodBiomass Conversion and Biorefinery. 4, 77-86.

• 2013. Héctor A. Ruiz, Rosa M. Rodríguez-Jasso, Bruno D. Fernandes, António A. Vicente, José A. Teixeira. Hydrothermal processing, as an alternative for upgrading agriculture residues and marine biomass according to the biorefinery concept: a reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 2, 35-51.

 2013. Héctor A. Ruiz, Miguel A. Cerqueira, Hélder D. Silva, Rosa M. Rodríguez-Jasso, António A. Vicente, José A. Teixeira. Biorefinery valorization of autohydrolysis wheat straw hemicellulose to be applied in a polymer-blend filmCarbohydrate Polymers. 92, 2154-2162.

2013. Aloia Romaní, Héctor A. Ruiz, Francisco B. Pereira, Lucília Domingues, Jose A. Teixeira. Fractionation of Eucalyptus globulus wood by glycerol-water pretreatment: optimization and modelingIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 52, 14342-14352.


Héctor A. Ruiz