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Biorefinery lab and Pilot Plant benefits society in a direct way, by leveraging investment made in its research facilities. Access to Biorefinery lab advanced instrumentation can enhance scientific and technological developments carried out by external users from academia and industry.

Biorefinery lab uses a variety of methodologies for chemical characterization of raw materials (lignocellulose and aquatic biomass) [DNS method, Anthrone Method], Determination of by HPLC, procedure and strategies for enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation process, Procedure production and extraction of high added-value compounds, Procedure for hydrothermal processing, Procedure for solid-state fermentation process.


Take advantage of our expertise in the handling and processing of biomass – External Services

Biorefinery Group is committed to the community and establishing and building relationships with partners in academic institutions, research centers and industry.


Services offered:

  • Determination and quantification of sugars, organic acids, alcohols, phenolic compounds and polymer molecular weight distributions.
  • Chemical characterization of feedstock as lignocellulose and aquatic biomass.
  • Procedure, strategies, scale-up and demonstration of fermentation and extraction processes using lignocellulose and aquatic biomass. Batch, fed-batch and continuous fermentations strategies. Experience with yeast and fungal systems. Process development and optimization for production of bio-based products [Industrial enzymes, biofuels, biochemicals, bioplastics, food ingredients].
  • Processing of biomass at pilot plant for lignocellulose and aquatic biomass.
  • Expertise in development, scale-up and demonstration of product.
  • Prototype design, and manufacturing of bioreactors at different scales: laboratory and pilot.
  • Procedure and strategies for microalgae cultivation.
  • Design of experiments application for processes
  • Workshops in writing scientific articles



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