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Issue on Polymers Derived from Seaweed Biomass

Polymers Derived from Seaweed Biomass: Novel Applications and Current Progress in the International Journal of Polymer Science. The most recent Impact Factor for International Journal of Polymer Science. read more

Renewable Energy Reviewer Award 2014

Héctor A. Ruiz researcher at Biorefinery Group from Food Research Department was awarded with Best Reviewer Award 2014 granted by the international journal Renewable Energy published by Elsevier, January 2015, Oxford, UK.  

Research stay at the UBC

Héctor A. Ruiz spent a research stay in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia, Canada, 2015. We would like to thank Dr.. read more

Research stay at the University of Vigo

Alejandra Aguilar spent a research stay at the University of Vigo, Ourense, Spain, 2014-2015 as part of her master project entitled: Bioethanol production from corn stover using hydrothermal pretreatments.. read more

Research stay in Madrid

Ana Gabriela Victorino Jasso spent a research stay at the Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL) (CSIC-UAM), Campus de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, 2015 as part. read more