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Bioethanol Journal

Dr. Héctor A. Ruiz was interviewed by national news – 2016 Bioethanol Journal- an International Journal –Publisher: De Gruyter Open Access: https://www.degruyter.com/journal/key/BIOETH/html  This Journal emerged in 2013, with the. read more

Enrich foods with Mexican seaweed (macroalgae) flour

Dr. Rosy Rodríguez was interviewed by national news – 2016 “This project arose from the global idea of valuing a natural resource that we have in the country, which. read more

Valorization and uses of avocado waste

Dr. Rafael Araujo was interviewed by national news – 2016 Rafael Gomes Araujo: Avocado is a very complete fruit because it contains iron, monounsaturated fatty acids, known as. read more

First Meeting of Research in Food and Bioprocesses

Dr. Rosy Rodríguez was interviewed by national news – 2016 Within the framework of its 25th anniversary, the Food Research Department (DIA) in the Faculty of Chemistry Sciences. read more

Biorefinery research

Jesus velazquez was interviewed by national news – 2016 Jesús Velázquez Lucio (JVL): The biorefinery is an analogue of the oil refinery, where different products such as fuels,. read more