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Research and valuation of Mexican macroalgae (seaweed)


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Dr. Rosy Rodríguez  and Daniela Cervantes were interviewed by national news – 2017

Dr. Rosa María Rodríguez Jasso, research professor of the DIA and  Biorefinery Group at the Faculty of Chemistry Sciences of the UAdeC, explains the scientific, social and industrial importance of macroalgae (seaweed) and the research carried out on the subject at the institution.

In Mexico macroalgae have been little used, in the Pacific area we have three main varieties, one called Macrocystis pyrifera, which is a brown alga; another is Gelidium robustum, which is a red algae; there is also Eisenia sp., Laminaria sp., and Sargassum sp. There are companies and researchers in the North Pacific that are very interested, they collect them and export them or value them for the production of some food, supplement or cosmetic product in terms of biorefinery.


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