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Recognition Award to Daniela Cervantes and Ana Victorino


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The biorefinery group congratulates Laura RangelAna Victorino and Daniela Cervantes for the award obtained in the 6º Food Science, Biotechnology and Safety 2014 (AMECA conference), October 2014, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.

The works presented are:

 Ana G. Victorino-Jasso, Daniela E. Cervantes-Cisneros, Cristóbal, N. Aguilar, Héctor A. Ruiz, Juan C. Contreras-Esquivel and Rosa M. Rodríguez-Jasso “Evaluation of Microwave Assisted Conditions for the Extraction of Brown Seaweed High Value Macromolecules with Relevance in Food Industry”.

• Laura K. Rangel, Diana Jasso de Rodriguez, Daniela Cervantes, Alberto Ordaz and Rosa M. Rodriguez-Jasso presented “Brown And Green Seaweeds From Mexican Caribbean as source for Nutritional Supplements”.

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Congratulations for this achievement!!