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Issue on Polymers Derived from Seaweed Biomass


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Polymers Derived from Seaweed Biomass: Novel Applications and Current Progress in the International Journal of Polymer Science. The most recent Impact Factor for International Journal of Polymer Science is 1.322 according to 2013 Journal Citation Reports released by Thomson Reuters in 2014.

Call for Papers

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The increase of energy demand and the environmental concerns related to the use of fossil fuels have promoted the use of renewable source to achieve sustainable growing based on a biorefinery. In this context, the revalorization of marine biomass is shown as possibility to reduce ecological problems caused by its harvesting. Thus, the use of seaweed as potential source for polymer extraction is shown as a promising and interesting alternative to replace petroleum-based polymers and their derivatives. Recent advances in this field show functional applications of high-value added compounds produced from seaweed on food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and energy industries. In this context, great efforts are being devoted to the characterization and improving of polymers extraction for the suitable fractionation of biomass as well as biochemical conversion of polymers into value added products (such as fuels, prebiotics, and chemicals).

Researchers are invited to contribute review and original works with recent advances in industrial applications of polymers derived from seaweed biomass.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

• Seaweed biomass as source of bioactive and functional compounds
• Biodegradable polymers from seaweed biomass: characterization and applications
• Techniques for extraction of polysaccharides: alginate and fucoidans
• Seaweed polysaccharides as source of nutraceutics
• Development, characterization, and novel applications of polysaccharides
• Chemical, enzymatic, and physical modifications of seaweed polymers
• Sustainable food packaging materials based on marine biomass
• Biotechnological conversion of polymer derived from seaweed to fuels and chemicals production
• Other or miscellaneous applications

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