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Bioreactor instrumented for process monitoring


update · Interviews

Dr. Ramón Larios was interviewed by national news – 2017.

The objective of the research, directed by Dr. Cristóbal N. Aguilar (collaborator of the biorefinery group), research professor at the DIA , was to implement a bioreactor to metabolically monitor microbial growth via respiration and determine the percentage of reduction of solid materials, generally agroindustrial waste, used as substrate of the process, as well as the recovery of compounds with antimicrobial activity of interest for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Basically the strong part of the project is the instrumentation of the bioreactor for online monitoring  profile of the microorganisms, that is the fundamental part. There is a model system, which is the bioprocess for the production of antioxidants, which requires its evaluation once it is assembled and instrumented, commented Ramón Larios Cruz. 


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