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Biomaterials, Biofuels, and Biochemicals from Lignocelluloses, Symposium- American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring 2021 | Anselme Payen Award Symposium in honor of Prof. Run-Cang Sun)

American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring 2021, April 5-30, 2021.


An honor for Biorefinery Group to accept the invitation and participate in the Biomaterials, Biofuels, and Biochemicals from Lignocelluloses Symposium,  in Honor of Prof. Ann-Christine Albertson (2019) and Prof. Run-Cang Sun (2020) Anselm Payen Awards).  Prof. Run-Cang Sun is a friend and collaborator of Biorefienry Group in Mexico.


Biorefinery Group will be participating with an oral presentation, Wednesday, 07:05pm – 07:30pm USA / Canada – Central – April 7, 2021

Title: Operation and scale-up of tubular hydrothermal reactor for lignocellulosic biomass fractionation under biorefinery concept


Prof. Sun has made outstanding contributions to efficient fractionation and high-value utilization of lignocellulosic materials for production of sustainable biofuels and biomaterials. Several of his novel techniques have been successfully applied at industrial scale.

He currently holds 119 Chinese National patents on the conversion of lignocelluloses into biomaterials and biofuels, published 835 peer-reviewed articles and 35 book/book chapters, with more than 42,000 citations and H-index of 100. He is a Co-Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Crops and Products,Editor of Carbohydrate Polymers and Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy, and a member of editorial board in ChemSusChem, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Cellulose Chemistry and Technology, BioResources, Bioresources and Bioprocessing.

Congratulations to Prof. Sun!


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Prof. Run-Cang Sun is the 2020 Anselme Payen Award Winner