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BioEnergy Research Journal.



Renewable Energy Reviewer Award 2014

Héctor A. Ruiz researcher at Biorefinery Group from Food Research Department was awarded with Best Reviewer Award 2014 granted by the international journal Renewable Energy published by Elsevier, January 2015, Oxford, UK.

English Language Scholarship for Elisa Zanuso at the Auburn University at Montgomery

The biorefienry group congratulates Elisa Zanuzo by obtaining a scholarship to study English Language at the Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama, US, in the program “PROYECTA 100,000”, SRE – Ministry of. read more

Recognition Award to Daniela Cervantes and Ana Victorino

The biorefinery group congratulates Laura Rangel, Ana Victorino and Daniela Cervantes for the award obtained in the 6º Food Science, Biotechnology and Safety 2014 (AMECA conference), October 2014, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. The works. read more