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Biomaterials, Biofuels, and Biochemicals from Lignocelluloses, Symposium- American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring 2021 | Anselme Payen Award Symposium in honor of Prof. Run-Cang Sun)

American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring 2021, April 5-30, 2021.     An honor for Biorefinery Group to accept the invitation and participate in the Biomaterials, Biofuels, and Biochemicals from. read more

Congratulations! BioEnergy Research is a top rated Springer Nature journal – Editorial Excellence

BioEnergy Research journal is in the top 25% of qualifying journals for editorial excellence.   The editors of BioEnergy Research Journal performed in the top 25% of qualifying. read more

Rosy Rodríguez Jasso: Young Scientist award at the Autonomous University of Coahuila – 2020

The biorefinery group congratulates to Dr. Rosy Rodríguez-Jasso  for her award as a young researcher. Ceremony  – Rosy Rodríguez-Jasso was awarded with the “Young Scientist award at the. read more

Congratulations to Elizabeth Aparicio

The biorefinery group congratulates to Elizabeth Aparicio  for her academic performance during her master’s degree and as the best student of generation. Maximum recognition by the Autonomous University. read more

Congratulations to Abraham Lara

The biorefinery group congratulates to Abraham Lara for the 2nd place in the poster presentation with the work titled: Enzymatic production from hydrothermal hydrolysates of Gelidium Robustum utilizing fungal. read more